Short Track Coach: Ingmar Van Riel

2006-present: HBO Commercial Economics Athlete Program, Deventer
1998-2004: “Randstad Topsport Academie” Higher General Secondary School (HAVO), Zoetermeer

Courses and skills:
2012: Short track coach level 3, KNSB Opleidningen, Heerenveen
2010: Media training, by NOC-NSF, Excellent in English language, Heerenveen

Professional Teams:
2004-2005: Kernploeg (national team)
2005-2006: Jong Oranje (national junior team)
2006-2011: Nationale Trainingsselectie shorttrack (national team)
*2010 in Los Angeles for 3 months during summer training

Sports Career:
2004-2011: After he was selected as a member of the Dutch national short track-speed skating team at age 16. he was a part of the world cup team during a 4,5 year period. After a series of injuries he retired from speed spatting in 2011. His Time as an athlete provided him with the experience of traveling the world as well as working in an inspiring surrounding. He got used to working together with a big diversity of people in one team. It made him result-driven and able to cope with demanding expectations.

Professional Experience | Internships:
Aug’11 – Present (Leiden): Sales Representative at Sebra Sports
Apr’05-jan ‘06 (Rijswijk / Zoetermeer): Responsible for:
– Sales and representation within Europe
– Product line Extension
– Customer Service
Sales Employee at State Of Art Menswear,
Responsible for:
– Sales
– Customer advice
Sept 03 – Sept 04 (Zoetermeer): Sales employee at Oomssports (speedskating)
Dec ’12 – present (Noordwijk): Sales manager at Builder 3D printers
– Sales
– Customer advice
– Online strategy
– Distribution strategy

2012-present: Trainer at shorttrack selectie zuidholland, Zoetermeer

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